Kim Parham RN, BSN, CN-BN

Kim has been a pioneer in implementing cancer navigation programs. A Vanderbilt University graduate and former director of cancer support services, she utilized her experience in program development to create best practice breast, lung, and GI programs. In 2017, Kim joined the Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, now the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, as the Director of Quality Care and Clinical Relations, focusing on the Centers of Excellence program. Now Kim is excited to have recently joined Thynk Health as their VP of Strategic Partnerships and Clinical Liaison. As a software company, she gets to help healthcare facilities implement or expand their comprehensive early detection lung cancer screening and incidental findings program and any potential malignant findings found on imaging. It is reassuring that Thynk Health is doing everything it can to stage shift cancer. Kim is passionate about their efforts to reduce cancer deaths by identifying and screening more at-risk patients, detecting cancer earlier and ensuring patients do not slip through the cracks of complex screening and care delivery programs.

Kim and her husband, Michael, enjoy traveling and spending time with their grand dog.