Megan Solinger MHS, MA, OPN-CG

Director of Patient Navigation at the Ulman Foundation, Ulman Foundation/UMMC

Megan Solinger has an educational background in Public Health (BA/MHS) from the Johns Hopkins University and the Bloomberg School of Public Health respectively, and MA in Higher Education Administration from the George Washington University. In January 2015, Megan’s dad was a diagnosed with Glioblastoma, and served as his primary caregiver for the first four months of his illness. Her dad ran out of time in December 2015. It’s because of this experience that Megan made a career change after 10 years, from Higher Education Administration to her work as a Patient Navigator. Professionally, she has been an Adolescent and Young Adult Patient Navigator as a result of a partnership between the Ulman Foundation and the University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center where she sees patients between the ages of 15-39. She was recently promoted to Director of Patient Navigation at the Ulman Foundation where she oversees the Patient Navigation program and staff, and continues her direct patient services at UMMC. Megan has always had a passion for lifespan development, which has translated into a passion for fertility preservation. She has completed the ECHO training program, attended the Oncofertility Conference in 2018, passed the Patient Navigation Generalist Certification Exam with AONN, and presented an online webinars on Fertility Preservation for AONN in 2019 and 2020. Megan has helped develop and grow the AYA Patient Navigation program at UMMC as well as the program and support services in the community and within the Ulman Foundation as an AYA navigator and advocate.