Tamika Felder BA

Founder & Chief Visionary, Cervivor, Inc.

As a high-energy motivational speaker and educator, Tamika Felder boosts esteem, strengthens supportive communities, and magnifies organizations’ impact. In a sense, you can call her an architect because she truly believes that everyone’s scaffolding must be intact in order to build, support and stand firm in one’s purpose.

Wearing several hats, including facilitator, author, educator, mobilizer and health advocate, Tamika shares her truth, speaking from her professional experience as a cause marketer and award-winning television producer, she also gets personal, offering her life’s journeys in an effort to mobilize international audiences to address the challenges in their lives, “get unstuck” and live life with purpose.

Tamika married her journalism chops with her love for nonprofit advocacy and cause marketing which led her to build campaigns that not only have heart, but are based in community. A cervical cancer survivor diagnosed in her early twenties, Tamika serves as Chief Visionary at Cervivor - a national nonprofit dedicated to cervical cancer advocacy and support - where she is on a mission to eradicate cancer and advocate for the patient voice in healthcare. Her life-affirming worldview has been featured on television and print including Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The Washington Post, Essence, and SELF.

Tamika is the author of “Seriously, What Are You Waiting For? 13 Actions to Ignite Your Life & Achieve The Ultimate Comeback,” and hosts the monthly “Cervivor Podcast” for cancer thrivers, clinicians, and those wanting to learn more.