Vicki Mackie

Executive Director Sites and Insights®, Colorado Cancer Coalition, The Denver Businesswomen Leaders

Vicki Mackie is the Founder and Executive Director of Sites and Insights®, a national 501(c)3 nonprofit. Sites and Insights® provides free Mindful Therapeutics Through Art workshops, programs, and retreats for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Vicki is a cancer survivor, caregiver, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her education and background in corporate business management, professional photography, art, and cancer program development. Vicki has continued her education with certifications in Healing Arts, Energy Healing, Palliative Care Healing Art, Aroma Therapy, Laughing Yoga, and various complementary therapies. Vicki found her ‘Intentional Art’ to be paramount in her personal healing of cancer. Through research and innovation, she developed an award winning, copyrighted curriculum proven to help with the emotional trauma through this life altering cancer experience.

Vicki’s Statement: “My art was my life support during this time of stress, fear and the unknown. I started experimenting, researching, and studying how I could share, what I called at the time, ‘Intentional Art’, creating a needed tool for healing, coping and comfort.”